Friday, January 16, 2015

Spiral Curry Puff

Curry puffs are the family favourite snack food.  Used to buy ready fried ones from the hawkers :p  Wanted to try my hands at making the spiral ones.  It is good that we can make our own puff  :)   Saw this spiral curry puff recipe from Sonia's blog and I know I had to make them for WB.  I am not good at making snack food but I know that with many practices , I can make the puff perfect :)  Not much spirals can be seen this time ...I won't give up that easily ! Will try again until I get the spiral rings that can be seen prominently :p   The taste was good and I love every bite. The skin is crispy and filling is flavorful.  Will try making this again...hopefully the next round the spiral rings can be seen more prominently.  I was greedy and made a big load ( the unfried ones ) for keeping in the freezer , so that WB can have his puffs whenever he is hungry.  

I substituted chicken for beef for the filling coz
WB prefers beef to chicken

the plait looks nice here but after 
frying..cant see the plait much :p

WB loves the skin and the fillings..ask to make more next time :)

Spiral Curry Puff  - adapted from Nasi Lemak Lover
make 15 pieces

Potato And Chicken filling

250 g potato, diced
150 g chicken, diced
1 tbsp chili paste
2 tbsp meat curry powder
1 big onion, chopped
3 sprigs curry leaves
1 tsp salt to taste
1 tsp sugar or to taste
1 tsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp or more vegetable oil


Heat oil in wok, saute chopped onion till aroma. Add in chilli paste, curry leaves and curry powder and still fry till fragrant.  Add in diced chicken and diced potato and stir fry till well mixed.   Add in some water and simmer for 10-15 mins. Season with salt, sugar and light soy sauce. Cook till potato is tender and mixture is dry.  Dish out to cool.

Water dough

200 g all purpose flour
90-100g water
3 tbsp cooking oil
1/2 tsp salt
25 g caster sugar

Mix all the dry ingrediens together in a mixing bowl. Slowly pour in water and oil mixture and knead till a soft dough is formed.  Cover and set aside to rest for 20 mins.

Oil dough

90 g all purpose flour
45 g Crisco shortening

Put the flour in a mixing bowl.  Rub in shortening and slowly combine into a soft dough.  Set aside and rest for 15 mins.

To make the spiral skin

1. Flatten the water dough and wrap the oil dough inside. Pinch the edges to seal it nicely.
2. Dust some flour on a work surface, gently roll dough into a rectangle.
3. Fold the rectangle from one long end by 1/3, and fold the other long end over the top.
4. Rotate the dough 90degree, gently roll the dough into rectangle again and repeat the folding process twice more.
5. Once the dough has been rolled and folded 3 times, slowly roll up tightly into a swiss roll.  (Apply some water on the dough ) while rolling and rest for 20 mins.
6. Use a sharp knife, divide the dough into 15 pieces of small dough. ( abt 30 g each )

To fill and shape puff

1. Take a small dough ( spiral face up ) and use a small rolling pin, roll into a circle disc.
2. Put 1 tbsp of filling in the center, press the edges together and seal it.
3. Pinch the edge of the puff with your thumb and make plait on the edge.
4. Heat oil in wok or a deep fryer, oil must be very hot before putting in the puff and enough to cover the puff.
5. Deep fry the puff on medium heat until golden brown.


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