Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wedding Plans...So Much To Do !

Okay, okay , I am eager to have a daughter in law.  My mind is just full of wedding plans and anxiety of the whole planning.  We had a busy schedule...looking for wedding photographer, booking the wedding venue and checking out the place.  Designing the wedding invitation cards and looking for the best printer and checking out the prices and to make sure everything fall into place...gosh it is not easy planning a wedding !

But I really admire my boy who ,with the help of his big sister :p managed to get everything done in such a short time.  Now is to pray for fine weather , as it is going to be a garden wedding.  This weekend , he will be meeting the decorator and to make sure the decorator knows what is required.

My daughter-in-law to be is busying getting the right wedding gown that will make her the best looking bride :) of course every bride to be will want to look the most beautiful bride on that day and she has to arrange for the bridemaids dresses too.  She found that offers beautiful gowns and she was super duper happy that they are having sales and not just 10 % but some are going for 85% off !!! Woo hoo , no wonder she phoned Josh that everything is falling in smoothly.

Here are some of the dresses she showed us and I was like glamorous and I wish I was 30 years younger :) These are some of the samples she showed us...there are plenty more on the website , so many to choose and once again I wish I was much much younger !  Enjoy !

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