Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blemished Accordions ?

The other day after Bible classes , a few of us  went for  a light snack  at a nearby coffee house and we ordered some light sandwiches and hot coffee.  I love the fellowship and our discussions was on the lesson learnt that morning. Besides that, we talk about our adult kids and we had so much fun together.  It is really great to be retired and taking life at a more relax attitude :)

One of our senior member is looking out for an accordion that is not so expensive. I suggested he take a look at some very good priced one though it may be from the  scratch-n-dent accordions.  Slightly blemished but at a good price which I think will be a good buy for him.  I don't normally recommend stuff to people unless I know them well and I think Uncle Cheah will agree that he need not purchase a brand new one.  It is just for his own entertainment...as long as the accordian still have a good sound .  And the best thing is , it is at a much reduced price compared to a brand new one.  Anyway, he can have a look at their website before he decides. They have new ones too but at a higher price :)

I am looking forward to our next lesson.  We have a great teacher and she guides us through the Bible in a year....for lazy people like me, it is really a blessing in disguise that I retired early and get to know the bible chapters better with her guidance and teaching!

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