Monday, February 16, 2015

Thinking Of Getting A New Guitar

"Thinking of changing your old guitar for this Gibson 2015 Les Paul Classic   ...that was the question I overheard  my WB asking our son Josh over the phone.

My Josh loves playing the piano and guitar. When he went to work in the Lion City, he was like a fish out of water, he could not bring his piano with him to the place he stays .  So he bought an electric guitar with the ear plug so as not to disturb his landlord :p  Now he is thinking of changing his old electric guitar which he bought just 2 years ago.  WB got the description of this  2015 Les Paul Classic  that has a traditional weight-relieved mahogany body which is topped with figured maple and has a Slim Taper neck shape which will make performers feels at home with it. And the bound rosewood fingerboard is buffed to perfection and is dressed by a PLEK system.  No wonder my Josh is impressed with it and is now thinking of changing his old one for this Gibson 2015 Les Paul Classica.  I can't wait to visit him in April and listen to his strumming on the new Les Paul Classica !


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