Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mother's Day Gift 2

WB asked me what gift would I like to have for Mother's Day and I told him anything will do as long as it is from the heart.  Every Mother's Day, WB will take me out for dinner :)   I will be exempted from cooking and baking for the day ! And this tradition has been observed since I became a mom.  My kids will send wishes and gifts from wherever they are if on those occassion they can't make it home to celebrate with me.

Last year, I received a beautiful 'Carnival' magnetic copper  bracelet specially choosen from these magnetic copper bracelets on this website from my Piggy girl. It was colorful with fluid design, and inspired by the Carnival dancesmeant to capture the movement and carefree attitude of the largest party in the world.  I love the fact that it is a copper bracelet using silver ,brass and copper. It is not just a beautiful piece of bracelet but the copper bracelet helps in the treatment of  hand, wrist, shoulder pain. I had tendinitis before I had my surgery done last year and gosh it does help.  I love my Mother's Day gift and I am looking forward to receiving gifts from my kids this coming Mother's Day :)  And WB.....maybe to the best restaurant in town since I am not allowed in the kitchen on that day :p

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