Friday, May 15, 2015

Chef Tim Love

Becoming a successful chef is not an easy thing. The job can be very stressful. However, certain jobs can be much more stressful than others. The further you progress in your career as a chef, the more responsibility you will have. This means that you will have more people working under you, and you will need to make more key decisions. That having been said, the chefs that make it to the top of their profession generally have many of the same qualities. It is these qualities that set them apart from all of the chefs that are never able to distinguish themselves. Here are some of the qualities that all great chefs have.


The culinary world is a very tough profession to make it to the top in. The competition is fierce, so people wanting to become successful in this industry need to work extra hard to set themselves apart from their competition. Even the best chefs often take a long time to establish a name for themselves, so it is important for all chefs to never give up in the early stages of their careers when things may not be going well. The great chefs have a knack for persevering and overcoming their toughest challenges.


The great chefs are people who can't wait to get in the kitchen and start cooking. They live for their job. Their enthusiasm for their job is infectious, causing it to rub off on the people around them. These are people who were born to be chefs. They could not imagine doing anything else for a living. This enthusiasm for what they do pushes them forward, enabling them to succeed at nearly everything they do. It is not hard to understand why enthusiastic chefs like Tim Love tend to be more successful in the industry.

Business savvy

A large part of being a successful chef has absolutely nothing to do with cooking. You also need a high business acumen to be able to crunch numbers and be able to make key financial decisions. For example, you need to be able to tell the difference between a good and bad location if you are opening a restaurant. You need to be able to negotiate with your various suppliers and avoid paying rent that is overly high. You must also learn how to master the hiring process. Hiring the wrong people will be disastrous for any restaurant. 

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