Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Digital Keyboard...Portable One For WB?

WB has been kind of into music these days. Asking his best buddy to teach him the simplified chords...hahaha shhhhhh  let out a secret... I see he is still struggling with the cords.  Not easy to teach old dogs new tricks as the saying goes.  So bad of me to say this, really it is even hard for me to remember the cords.  Anyway, given time I suppose we both can at least play some simple songs.  Actually WB wanted to play for our cg meeting when he can play well.  And once he achieved it , he might want to get a new keyboard but for the time being...he is contented with the old one . There are some nice keyboards that is cheap and good. Read Full Review here if you are looking for good and cheap keyboard.  I hope WB is contented with the old one and not trying to get a new portable one for the time being.  There is hardly space for two at the moment :)

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