Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chicken Ham Pizza

I love pizzas..homemade ones are more versatile...you can use any ingredients as toppings....anything your heart desires will blend well with the pizza base. I added rolled oats to the base and the most surprising thing is I used tomato paste and blasamic vinegar and I tell you... it is yummy. The rest is history , I added in chicken ham, fresh pineapple slices, tomato slices and onion rings as my toppings....with lots of mozzarella cheese on top of the ingredients... four words to describe this piece of  goodness....gooey and lips-smacking good! :)))

I used the pizza dough recipe from Barry of Rock Recipes.  Topping is versatile .  I used what I have in the fridge.  I will  let my pictures tell the story on how good and mouth-watering this is :p . I especially love the pizza sauce for I heart balsamic vinegar. Thumbs up for this sauce and a keeper too. I will definitely make this pizza sauce again .  A big thank you to Barry for this pizza sauce and pizza dough recipes :) 

I added the rolled oats for extra crunch and its fibre benefit :)

 fresh tomatoes , onion rings and pineapple makes a balance
source of nutrients for this chicken ham pizza :)

the pineapple slices adds a tangy flavor to the pizza
gooey and flavorful piece of heaven :p

I don't mind having this everyday....mmmmm yummy

Chicken Ham Pizza
Pizza dough -  ( adapted from Rock Recipes )

Makes sufficient for 4 -6 individual pizzas

4 cups flour
1/2 tsp instant rise yeast
1 & 1/2 cups lukewarm water
2 tsp sea salt

Place all ingredients in the bowl of a stand mixer equipped with a dough hook. Mix for 5 -10 minutes on medium speed. You may need to add a little more flour, a tablespoon at a time until the dough doesn't stick to the sides of the bowl. Alternatively stir together with a wooden spoon before turning out onto a floured bread board and kneading for 5-10 minutes. Cover the dough and allow to rise for about an hour until about doubled in size. Turn the dough onto a floured surface and knead for another few minutes. Divide into 4-6 equal portions, form into balls and let rest for about 10-15 minutes before stretching or rolling the dough out into about 9 inch rounds.

Preheat your pizza stone in middle rack of your oven for half an hour at 450 degrees F.

Place one round on a wooden peel that has been well sprinkled with cornmeal. The cornmeal will allow the pizza to slide off the peel (I’ve even used a thin piece of cardboard in a pinch if you do not have a peel.) Make sure your pizza is sliding on the cornmeal base before adding your toppings.

Roasted Tomato Jam

6-8 large vine ripened tomatoes diced
2 cloves minced garlic
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
½ teaspoon kosher salt
½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 teaspoon brown sugar

Toss together in a shallow baking dish and bake at 350 degrees F for about an hour stirring occasionally until most of the liquid has reduced off the tomatoes are the consistency of jam.

Pizza Sauce

3 cups Roasted Tomato Jam
4 tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 tsp crushed chili sauce (optional if you don't like spicy hot sauce or adjust to taste)

Spread sauce over the pizza dough before adding:

*my choice of toppings
you can choose your own ingredients though

rolled oats * optional
slices of chicken ham
thin sliced fresh pineapple
sliced onion rings
slices of fresh tomatoes
grated mozzarela
freshly grated parmesan cheese
cracked black pepper

Shake your peel to make sure the pizza is not stuck. Slide the pizza onto the hot stone, shaking it slightly in a back and forth motion as you slowly retract the wooden peel. Bake for about 8-10 minutes or until the bottom is evenly brown and the top cheese begins to brown slightly. Remove from oven and allow to stand for 5 minutes before slicing and serving.


*            *             *

Sliding Door For Our Kitchen

WB has been complaining about the oily fumes from deep frying going into the living room  and he suggested that we should have a sliding door installed between the  kitchen and the dining room.  The ceiling fans are coated with a layer of sticky oil...and he has a hard time cleaning them whenever he up for it.  After discussing with the kids, we agreed to have a sliding door fixed between the dining hall and the kitchen. The carpenter assured us that  grant door hardware  is manufactured in US to the highest standards using high quality material and under rigid quality control conditions.  We approved the recommended sliding door and the carpenter will start work soon.  A happy me and a happy WB. No more complain !

Steamed Pumpkin Cake

Steamed Pumpkin Cake by Mykitchensnippets . The moment I saw this at her blog, I knew I had to try it out and sure enough it was a winner.  And those who love pumpkin will like it.  And this savoury cake tasted better the next day and firmer too. The toppings make the cake more savoury delicious !

I really want to thank Gertrude for sharing this recipe . She has a great blog and I have added a lot of her recipes to my To-Do List .  Will make this again for sure.  Great pumpkin cakes that can be served for afternoon tea for the family.

Steamed Pumpkin Cake ( by Mykitchensnippets )

Ingredients :

300 g pumpkin(remove seeds, hard skin then shred it)

Batter (Combined)

250 grm rice flour
70 grm of wheat starch
1 tbsp of chicken granules
1 tsp salt
750 ml water

Topping :
100 grm of chicken meat (cut into small cubes)
4 shallots (thinly slice)
4 bird eyes chilies - slice thinly
2 red chilies- slice thinly
2 spring onions - cut small
Some cilantro (garnish)
salt and pepper to taste

1.Put some oil in a hot pan and fry the shallots until golden brown. Dish out and set aside.

2. In the same oil stir-fry chicken until cook. Sprinkle some salt and dish out and mix it with shallots, chillis and spring onions. Add in a bit of salt and pepper and set aside the topping.

3. Using the same pan and 2 tbsp of oil, stir fry grated pumpkin for 2 minutes.

4. Pour in the batter mix and continue to cook and stir until batter thicken. Turn off the fire.

5. Grease a pan or small mould with some cooking oil and fill it up with the batter.

6. Steam over high for 30 minutes. Remove from steamer and sprinkle the topping on top.

7. Leave it to cool and cut into slices before serving.

Note : If you are steaming it in little mould let it cool completely before un-moulding and then sprinkle some topping.

*             *              *

Musical Instrument Parts

WB will shop online for musical instrument parts that are hard to source from our local music stores. And whenever his friends are disappointed at not getting the musical instruments they wanted from our local stores, WB would recommend his favourite  online store to them.  This website has an extensive list of musical instrument parts and they offer free shipping worldwide.  Isn't this sounds good.  So, if you too are looking for musical instrument parts, you may want to take a look @musiciansfriend.  Who knows you might make it your favourite online store too :)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Apple Pie With Martha Stewart's Páte Brisée

The simpliest pie to make is apple pie with Martha Stewart's Páte Brisée crust.  I love the crust simply because it has a soft buttery texture. I somehow prefer this buttery crust.  It is easy to prepare and delicious.  Granny Smith apples are best for this apple pie.   Granny Smith apple has a firm and crisp texture , juicy and the tart flavor is appropriate for making apple pie . I prefer to grate my own nutmeg powder rather than buying the ready powdered one from the store.  It smells good ...so good for the homemade apple pie.  As the pie was baking in the oven, the aroma of the nutmeg filled the whole house....it was so good. I love the fragrance of nutmeg. It really feels so good inhaling the sweet fragrance of nutmeg. I made this apple pie for our cell group birthday babies.  Hehe it was one great fellowship we had...celebrating the birthday babies with the theme " Curry Fiesta ' Thanks to David Tan ( Author of A Trip Down Memory Lane : Signature Dishes From the Tan Family )

grated nutmeg smells good

Granny Smith apple...lightly cooked

 the aroma of baking pastry filled my kitchen....

the baked apple pie...yummy :)

click here for the Páte Brisée recipe by Martha Stewart

Apple Pie Fillings

6 Granny Smith apples - peeled and cored - cut into thick slices
30 grams California  raisins - soaked with a tbsp of rum
4 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp of  nutmeg powder
1 tsp of cinnamon powder
1 tbsp of corn flour
2 tbsp of water

Put all the ingredients above into a non stick pan. Cooked over low heat for a few mins till the sugar melted and gravy thickens.  Dish out and cool the apple fillings or best leave over night in the fridge.

Prepare the Páte Brisée 1 hour or a day earlier ( keep in fridge )

Greased a pie dish with butter.  Roll the dough into 1/4 inch thick and lined the pie dish up to the edge of the dish.  Arrange the chilled apple fillings till the top.  Roll out the other portion of dough into a 1/4 inch thick an cover the top of the apple pie.  Cut a cross slit on the top dough . Egg wash the top and sprinkle with  some brown sugar.  Bake at 180 C for 30 -35 mins or until the apple pie turned evenly golden brown.

Enjoy !

Gelato - Sweet Treat For The Kids This Summer

Plan a Back to School Bash
As the end of summer approaches, your home has already become a place of gloom and doom. Your kids are not ready to go back and wish the fun would never end. You can't stop the hands on the clock of time, but you can help your children to make the transition into another school year. Start planning a party now to celebrate new beginnings. You can help your kids to build some excitement as they prepare to venture back to the classroom.

Break Out the Backyard Fun

There's nothing like a little bit of outdoor fun to get everyone in a good mood. Pull out the pool toys, hook up the sprinkler, or spread out a slip and slide. With summer's heat, you will want to keep all of your guests cool. Plan a variety of games that will keep everyone occupied. From musical hula hoops to tag with water guns, the fun will just keep coming.

Create a Home Theatre
Pick up a projector and set up a sheet or use the side of the garage to create a screen. Set out blankets on the lawn and allow the kids to stretch out as you play one of their favorite films. Keep the popcorn and drinks flowing to ensure everyone has something to munch on while they enjoy the movie.

Serve a Sweet Treat
When you are looking for the perfect complement to an outdoor party for the kids, there is nothing like gelato. Turn to Gelato Products for gelato cups and spoons to make it easier to serve this sweet treat. You will have smiles all around as the children dip into a variety of flavors of gelato that will tempt the taste buds.

Don't Forget the Party Favors
No kids' party is complete without favors. Send them off with a colorful selection of pencils, notebooks, and other inexpensive supplies for school. Play music that celebrates school and gets the kids moving as they wrap up an exciting day. As the party comes to a close, they will have good memories to share as they walk the halls of their school in the coming weeks. Make your back to school party a tradition that will give the kids something to look forward to each summer, rather than making them sad that the season is coming to an end.