Saturday, January 23, 2016

He Found It !

Wild Boar loves  recommending to all his music friends. The best place to order musical assessories and musical instruments from there.  Recently, his music friends that he hangs out was looking for a weather-resistant vinyl marshall valvestate cover.  Joe is one of his best friend whom he goes jamming out with.  And dear Wild Boar recommended him to . He fell in love with it for the cover is affordable, and durable and made to fit his Marshall VS amp head and he loves the Marshall logo on the cover.  Well, a good buy I would say...thanks to good ole Wild Boar for the recommendation :)

This is how the cover looks like...affordable and will keep his gear looking great for years.  Joe is like a child at times.  Love anything that will make him feel young and happy . Music is his soulmate and I love hanging out with him too.  Makes us happy to be in his company. WB is happy that Joe got what he wanted .  Hopefully the cover will arrive before CNY.  It does look cool !

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