Thursday, January 14, 2016

Steamed Pumpkin Bun

With some leftovers pumpkin, I decided to make these delectable steamed pumpkin buns that I saw on Wendy's blog - Table For 2 or more.  It really made me drooled all over when I saw hers on my lappy some days back :)  Now opportunity strikes when I had some leftovers after making pumpkin soup.  It turned out really nice especially the fillings and the buns dough was soft and fluffy after steaming.  Even WB who is not a pumpkin person loves the pumpkin fillings.  I love it too and no regrets making them though it took some time to make them.  Thank you Wendy for sharing your own tweaked one ,after the first one from the publication didn't work out well :)

I could not help taking out my Nikon dslr and started shooting away in between the cooking steps. and am so happy with the photos.  Still have lots to learn about food photography and I am really in love with my new toy...but meanwhile bear with my poor shoots at times for I am a beginner with a dslr camera.  Went to sleep with the ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed still in the mind for each time I take out the camera, WB will be there to give some lessons...hands on lesson....okay cant blame me for going to bed with his voice still ringing in the brains :) but whatever he is a good mentor and I love him for the patience in teaching me.  Thank you WB for being a mentor to a slow to catch up student :p but looking at the photos, I hope you are pleased with my work thus far :)

luscious and delicious pumpkin filling

soft and pliable dough

love this shot...divided the dough into 12 portions

12 pieces of filling , chilled in the fridge
*WB is happy with this photo...he said great job
and I am pleased too !

place a piece of filling on the flattened dough

wrap and seal the edges 
another nice shot with bokeh
I am pleased with myself :p

letting it proof for 45 mins before
I steamed them for 12 mins over high heat

a beautiful piece of pumpkin bun
soft and fluffy with delectable filling...yummy!

Steamed Pumpkin Bun - adapted from Wendy - Table For 2 or More

For the filling:

300 gm pumpkin puree
30 gms sugar
1 tsp cornstarch

Cook until thickens and use 2 teaspoons to form into little balls and place on a lined tray. Chill until time of use.


60 gm sugar
90 gm pumpkin puree
1 tsp instant yeast (Mauripan doesn't work well with this recipe )

150 gm pau flour
1 tsp double acting baking powder or regular baking powder
10 gm butter

1. Combine sugar, pumpkin puree and yeast.
2. Combine pau flour, double action baking powder and butter. Mix to form crumbs.
3. Pour (1) and (2) and mix to form a dough.
4. Knead dough until it is smooth and no longer sticky.
5. Let dough proof in a warm place until double in size. Remember to cover it. Assembly.


1. Punch down dough after it has doubled. Knead it for 2 minutes and divide dough into 12 pieces.

2. Remove pumpkin filling from the fridge.

3. With lightly floured hands, take one piece of dough and flatten it, making it thinner at the sides.

4. Place one piece of filling, round side down onto flatted dough.

5. Wrap and seal bun.

6. Seam side down, make marks that resemble a pumpkin using a dinner knife.

7. Let buns proof (covered) for 45 minutes and steam on high heat for 12 minutes.

Enjoy !


  1. I like fluffy pumpkin buns but I prefer them plain.

    1. Yea some like it plain, but this pumpkin filling is delicious..a must try :)