Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Nephew's Upcoming Wedding

Soon, it will be month of June and my nephew is getting married on the 18th of June.  We are all very excited especially my brother who is going to have a new daughter...hahaha I know what it is like to have a new daughter.  My son got married last year and both WB and myself were filled with joy and happiness.  Getting a new daughter is a joy that money cannot buy.  So, I can understand how my dear brother is feeling right now.

The girls in my family will be looking for new dresses to grace the joyous occasion and we have looked through many online fashion websites for long formal dresses . It is really fun and we found Formaldressaustralia to have a wide range of formal dresses to choose from.  I have bookmarked a few ..hehehe you know how fickleminded I can be at times.

My Princesses have made their choice and have placed an order for them.  Young people are really fast in making up their mind but for me I have to be sure that the design suits me before I placed the order :)  The prices are affordable and most of the formal long dresses are elegant in style.

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