Monday, July 4, 2016

Butter Bread Rolls

Before leaving for my daughter's place. I baked this super soft and fluffy Butter Bread Rolls for my hubby. He loves butter bread rolls and butter cakes...since I do not have the time to bake him a butter cake, these delicious butter rolls will do for the time being :)

I took the recipe from Sonia's blog - Nasilemaklover .  I was not wrong, it really turned out soft and fluffy as I knew it will be.  After years of baking buns and breads, I know that it is a good one after reading through the whole recipe.  Love love the aroma of freshly baked buns,  I took one to try , mmmmm it melts in the buttery in flavor and the cottony feel texture of the roll makes it very addictive.  Hubby had his with his cup of  black coffee and I had mine with ice lemon tea.  Great for kids too, you can fill the buns with red bean paste or sausages.  For hubby and myself, we love it as it is...buttery and soft...nom nom.  Hope you will be like me inspired by Sonia's recipe and try it out :)

I had mine with a glass of lemon juice :)

a dimple stays means the dough ready for shaping

divide dough into 8 equal portions

shape into a triangle and place the butter on the wide side
and roll towards the end and bend both ends like a croissant

place the buns on greased baking pan and leave it to rest for 10 mins

love to see them lined in a row

egg wash them before baking

look at the cottony texture...mmm soft and fluffy

tasty melted butter filling :)

this basket with collapsible cover is from Bali
bought it when I was there for my holidays.
Love it much and wished I had bought more. 
Will buy more on my next trip there :)

Butter Bread Rolls - adapted from Sonia's blog


220g bread flour
30g cake flour
1/2 tsp + 1/4tsp instant yeast
1/2 tsp fine salt
20 g caster sugar
100g fresh milk (cold from fridge)
70 g water
20g unsalted butter, room temp

40 g butter (salted, divide into 8 portions
egg wash- egg yolk + milk or just milk only


Mix all ingredients except butter in a mixer, knead till smooth

Add in butter, continue knead till elastic and smooth. Cover and keep aside to rise till doubles.

Divide dough equally into 8 portions, roll into ball,  rest for 10 mins.

Take a dough, roll one end to become like pear shape, use a rolling pin, roll like a triangle.

Place a piece of butter at the base, then starting from the base and roll up towards the tip, slightly bend the two ends to look like a croissant shape.

Place it on greased baking pan, cover and let it proof till doubles.

Apply egg wash then bake at preheated oven at 200C for 15 mins or till golden brown.



  1. Looks good! The pattern reminds me of my favourite croissants.

    1. Yea...rolling style like the croissants....these are healthier :p

  2. Looks yum and I love the basket too!

    1. You must try the's delicious. The basket with collapsible cover is my favorite too.:)