Monday, July 4, 2016

Cakes – An Essential Part of Every Occasion

Many of you will know that I love baking cakes especially cupcakes and birthday cakes for family members.  My speciality is Durian Layered Cake.  But of late , because of travelling very often to visit my daughter who lives in the city, I have to close my kitchen for the time being.  And I just discovered that I can order cakes from Online Cake Shop.  And many of my readers are asking me why I have not been sharing much on cake recipes and I have to tell them that I have to be away on most weekends.  But I shall be back to baking as soon as my food projects in KL is done :)

With this online cake shop, it has made things easy for me. I just have to order birthday cakes from them and it will be delivered to my loved ones and friends.  When I looked into their website, I am amazed at the different types of cakes being offered. So now I can surprised my loved ones with personalized cake.  I can even have my loved ones photo printed on cake. All I have to do is send them a high resolution picture of my loved ones along with my order number.  I shall order one for my daughter's 3rd wedding anniversary. I quite like the one below..simple and sweet....mmm save me time and energy :)

You can check out their website too..they really have a wide range of cakes that you can order online. They even have eggless cakes with different designs and I am sure you will love their cakes for every occasion.  I am pleased that even with my not being able to bake at this time, I am still able to send a cake to my loved ones and friends on every occasion that needs a cake.  So super duper happy to have this online cake shop.

Red Velvet Cake  is my hubby's favorite cake. Since I can't bake for him , I will order this beautiful Red Velvet Cake for him as his birthday is just around the corner....shhhhhh please do not let the cat out of the will be a surprise for him :)

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