Monday, August 22, 2016

Spiral Curry Puff

I have been craving for these delectable , mouthwatering Asian snack for a long time. I know I can buy it anytime from the snack stall but homemade ones are still the best.  Especially the fillings is delicious. Those stall bought ones are packed with more potatoes than meat though some of you might prefer more potatoes. I prefer mine to have equal portions of meat and potatoes :)  My hubby prefers more meaty ones ( excuse him, he is a meat eater )  After reading through Sonia's recipe, I decided to make my own since her recipe is not to difficult to understand :)  and moreover I have been drooling for sometime now.

Though mine are not prefect yet but I know that with more practice, mine will have more layers of crispy spiral crust :p  Practice makes perfect !  The curry puff though may not have pretty spiral on them but it is the best I have eaten thus far.  Thank you Sonia for sharing such a wonderful recipe.  A keeper for sure.

I am happy even though mine doesnt look pretty :)
it takes lots of practice to have perfect spirals

the pleats look okay ? :)

to pinch the edges to get nice pleats needs practice  too :)

pardon my not pretty spirals but this is the best curry puff I have
eaten thus far :) so yummy good

Spiral Curry Puff   - adapted from  Nasi Lemak Lover (Sonia)

Potato and chicken filling

250g potato, diced
150g chicken, diced
1 tbsp chilli paste
2 tbsp meat curry powder
1 big onion, chopped
3 sprigs curry leaves
1 tsp salt or to taste
1 tsp sugar or to taste
1 tsp light soy sauce


1.Heat oil in wok, sauté chopped onions until aroma.

2.Mix in chilli paste, curry leaves and curry powder till fragrant.

3. Add in diced chicken and potatoes, mix well.

4.Add in some water and simmer for 10-15 mins, season with salt, sugar and light soy sauce,
Cook until potato is tender and mixture is dry.

5.Dish out to cool.


Water Dough
200g all purpose flour
90-100g water
3  tbsp cooking oil
½  tbsp salt
25g caster sugar

1.Mix all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.

2.Slowly pour in water and lightly knead till a soft dough.

3.Cover and set aside to rest for 20 mins.

Oil dough
90g all purpose flour
45g Crisco shortening or 55g margarine
1.Put flour in a mixing bowl.

2.Rub in shortening and slowly combine to a soft dough.

3. Cover and set aside to rest for 15 mins.

To make spiral skin

1. Flatten the water dough and wrap the oil dough inside.
Pinch the edges to seal it nicely.

2. Dust some flour on a work surface, gently roll the dough out into a rectangle.

3.  Fold the rectangle from one long end by 1/3, and fold the other one long end over the top

4 .Rotate the dough 90 degree, gently roll the dough into rectangle again and repeat the folding process twice more.

5. Once the dough has been rolled and folded 3 times, slowly roll up tightly into a Swiss roll ( apply some water on the dough while rolling)and rest for 20 mins.

6. Use a sharp knife, divide the dough into 15 pieces of small dough ( about 30g each )

To fill and shape puff

1. Take a small dough(spiral side face up) and use a small rolling pin to roll to a circle disc.

2. Put 1 tbsp of filling in the centre, press the edge together and seal it.

3. Pinch the edge of the puff with your thumb and make pleats on the  edge.

4.Heat oil in a wok or deep fryer, oil must be very hot before putting in the puff and enough to cover to the puff.

5. Deep fry the puff on medium heat until golden brown.