Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Blunt Bangs Bob Cosplay Wig

Wigs are back in fashion.  When I was in my twenties, I used to change my hair style very often. At least once a month, I will visit my hair stylist and ask to have new hair style.  My hair used to be long and has natural curls.  I remembered asking my hair stylist to  style my hair like the one actress Jacklyn Smith, one of Charlie's Angel Girls is having:) So cool..right!  And my hair stylist will give me a kind of look as if to say " sorry lady, you don't have that much hair to have her hair style " LOL!
This beautiful Ombre Wig will do for now.  It looks simple and elegant. It will definitely make me look younger than my present hair style :p  Seriously, it is a good idea to wear convenient and one can look beautiful at any dinner function without having to make appointment with the hair stylist and most important, hair stylist may not be able to give you a good cut.
But now it is so different for me, the hair is thinning and turning grey too , thus wearing a wig would solve all the problems.  I can have any hair style I like.  Save trip to the hair stylist and I can have new hair style every day :) I decided to have a look at all the wigs and maybe I should get a few so that I can have cosmetic done for the hair.  Hair is  most important for the ladies.  Looking great  will uplift one's image.  I found a few great ones and that will make me look great :)   Heat Resistant Synthetic Wig is good for hot weather like ours.  I quite like this 10" Blunt Bangs Bob Cosplay wig, comes in black, dark brown and light brown. It is capless and synthetic and has a free style hairline . Love the dark brown and has a nice bob look.  I think with this look, I will look 15 years younger :p. Seriosuly !

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