Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Special Tau Fu Fah @ Concubine Lane

There are many good Tau Fu Fah in Ipoh town and this is one of them.  This Tau Fu Fah comes with palm sugar syrup and has  brown sugar sprinkle on top  and garnished with  toasted black sesame seeds.  You can get a good bowl of Tau Fu Fah from Concubine Lane.  It is one of the attraction from Concubine Lane.  I never forget to stop by here for a good bowl of tau fu fah after a good lunch at Thean Chun Coffee Shop. Concubine Lane is just opposite Thean Chun Coffee Shop in Ipoh Old Town. It is crowded during weekends and school holidays .

this is the shop where you can get a good bowl of tau fu fah
with special garnishings

crowded during school holidays and weekends

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