Saturday, April 8, 2017

Purple Sweet Potato Hot Cross Bun

This Sunday is Palm Sunday , the Sunday before Easter and it marks the start of the Holy week that encompasses Maundy Thursday which commemorates the last supper of Jesus ; Good Friday , when Jesus was crucified and Holy Saturday, the day Jesus was placed in His tomb after his death. He rose on the 3rd day and that will be Easter Sunday.  This is the time, we reflect on our lives, gives up our vices for Lent and remembering the sufferings and trials Jesus had to go through . My baking the hot cross buns has nothing to do with tradition or a must have but making them and looking at the cross reminds me of God's great sacrifice.He sacrifice His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life .  

Instead of making the tradition hot cross buns using fruit peels ,  I used purple sweet potato for the natural purple color and it turned out fabulous.  The buns were soft and fluffy and the sweet purple color gave the bun its attraction.  I added some brandy soaked raisins  for extra flavor.  These hot cross buns were really delicious. A keeper for sure.

beautiful piece of purple dough
love the natural color dye from the purple sweet potato

 one recipe can make 9 pieces of buns

once the buns have proof and ready for the oven
pipe in the cross.. so fun piping on the cross
 this is symbolic for me as the cross reminds me
of the  Gift God has given to us. Eternal life through
His only begotten Son

 after baking for 20mins, the buns were ready for our tea snack

the buns turned out soft and fluffy

 waiting for the buns to cool down before serving :)

 you will know it is fluffy when you see this :)

Purple Sweet Potato Hot Cross Bun - adapted from Nasilemaklover

For the bread

75 gm mashed purple sweet potato
50 gm raisins soaked in brandy -optional
250 gm high protein flour or bread flour
30 gm caster sugar
25 gm sweetened condensed full cream milk
1 tsp instant yeast
120 gm milk
1/4 tsp fine salt
 25 gm unsalted butter

For Topping
40 gm high protein flour
55 gm milk
10 gm sugar

1. Mix all bread ingredients in a mixing bowl except butter, mix till smooth.
2. Add in butter, knead  till elastic and shining dough. Set aside to rest for an hour.
3. Divide equally into 9 portions, roll into round balls.
4. Grease a baking pan of 9" X 9" and place the round balls onto the greased pan. Leave to rise for another 30 mins.
5. Mix the topping ingredients together till you get a smooth paste. Put into a piping bag and pipe a cross on top of buns.  Baked at preheated oven 180C for 20 mins.


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