Saturday, June 24, 2017

Japanese Vegetable Cake ( Cake Salé ) ケークサレ 野菜のケーキ

The first time I saw this Youtube cooking demo on how to bake vegetable cake (Cake Sale) I knew that I will be making it the moment I get all the ingredients together. The cake is flavorful and has lots of nutrients in it. It taste quite similar to a quiche  but yet different in texture. It is a little bit salty and has lots of vegetables and baked in a cupcake pan or in ramekins. Very very delicious and it can be served as a meal on its own. It is best eaten fresh from the oven and it  still taste good on the next day if you cover it with a foil and warm it in the oven. Looks impressive with its colorful topping of vegetables and bacon.  Aromatic when freshly baked .  Bacon and cheese goes well together in any dish.  You can choose any vegetables you like and I chose cauliflower , japanese pumpkin and cherry tomatoes.  You can use any cheese you like as the recipe did not mentioned any kind. I used cheddar cheese and the whole combination is really an explosion of flavors.  Love it and if you are serving this to your guests, I am sure they will love it and will ask for a second helping.  Try it to believe me.

the ingredients are quite versatile as to the vegetables used...
I used cherry tomato, cauliflowers and japanese pumpkin

a colorful combination 

keep some of the vegetable and  bacon choppings for toppings

you can use paper cups to bake in
but I prefer ramekins

the aroma of baked bacon and cheese is so good
perfect match of ingredients

hubby and I had these delectable vegetable cake for dinner
so rich and every mouthful is an explosion of taste

wow, my first taste of a vegetable cake and I am in love with it 
and will make this again for the family

Japanese  Vegetable Cake ( Cake Salé ) ケークサレ 野菜のケーキ by Cook Kafemaru


7 (5cm/2inch) Baking cup or ramekins
100g(3.5oz)Cake flour
3g(0.1oz) Baking powder
2 eggs
60g(2.1oz) Milk
60g(2.1oz)Vegetable Oil

1/4tsp salt *  if you are using cheese that is salty, you can omit salt
1/4tsp pepper

220g(7.8oz)Your favorite vegetables(including topping)
※Boil broccoli and asparagus when you use them. ( I use jap. pumkin, cauliflower and tomatoes)
Cut the vegitables into small pieces.


1. Boil the vegitables and cut them into small pieces.
Slice the bacon into thin pieces and fry. Dice the cheese. (small)
2. Crack an egg into a bowl and beat it with a whisk.
3. Add milk, salad oil, salt and pepper and mix.
4. Add shifted cake flour and baking powder, and mix lightly. (do not mix too much)
5. Add the vegitables and the bacon to ④ and mix lightly.
(leave some vegitables and bacon for topping)
6. Pour the mixture into the pans and put on the left vegitables and bacon for topping.
7. Preheat the oven at 180°C and bake them for 12~14 min and serve!
You can use any vegitables you like.
Cherry tomatoes and broccoli can make the cake colorful.
The bacon will taste better with salt.
(if you use strongly salted one, you don't need to add salt)


  1. Hi Elin, do u think this recipe can make into a 1 large cake? What mould size? Baking duration?

    1. Hi Lynn,
      I have not tried baking this in large baking pan so I am not able to tell you how it will turn out to be. The baking time will definitely be longer. You can try baking on a 6 or 8 inch shallow pan. Oven Temperature has to be same. Too deep a depth might not cook before the topping gets burned. Hope this helps. All the best