Saturday, June 24, 2017

Joe Is In Love Again - A Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar !

I think many of you who frequent my blog will know that we use to hang out with our musician friend Joe.  During our lastest meet up , he told us that he has fallen in love again and we thought he meant he has fallen in love with a girl...thank God it turned out he has fallen in love with  this beautiful authentically styled Jaguar, a vintage modified guitar with present-day touches including sharp, clear Duncan designed pickups and modern fingerboard radius. We were so relief as Joe is a married man :) it was this sexy vintage guitar afterall .  Joe is a darn funny guy, he is a clown alright besides having a beautiful voice. He plays guitar and keyboard for his band.  

As usual he is so in love with this sexy thing that he talks non stop about his lastest love :) Alright, we agree with him that it is one sexy vintage modified Jaguar that rocks the models distinctive hallmarks and has 24" scale ,dual-circuit switching and controls, has floating-vibrato bridge and comes with assortment of finishes. He loves the Maple neck with vintage -tint gloss finish. Now I can understand why he can talks about this sexy vintage Jaguar the whole night long.  If you are curious and want to know what is so sexy about this Jaguar that Joe is so in love with, you can check it out at their website and he told us that Guitar Center has, squier jaguar at a great price!  Wow, it will be great news for guitar players .

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