Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Apple Yeast Water

I have always wanted to make my own sourdough starter . I bought a lot of books on basic bread makng to sourdough bread while I was still working. I even have bread books by Peter Reinhart. I first made my own Ciabatta bread using Peter Reinhart's recipe. Poolish Starter and they turned out good except the ciabatta doesn't have the holey grails (large holes) effect that I wanted.  

When I chanced upon Sonia's recipe on natural yeast made with apple yeast water, my interest was ignited again.  I felt like I was set on fire . That was how I started my Sourdough Starter project.  I am happy to announce that after 7 days, my apple yeast water was ready for making my own Sourdough Starter.  I will be sharing on how to make SS using apple yeast water.   From now on, I can say goodbye to commercial yeast and use natural yeast instead to make my bakes.

using organic apple and filtered water
to  make the yeast water is very important
as the rate of success is 100 percent

after 7 days my apple yeast water is ready 
for making my Sourdough Starter

Apple Yeast Water

150g organic apple small cubes 
30g organic sugar 
500g filtered water 
1 clean glass jar

1. Wash the apple, remove the core, retain the apple skin, then slice and cut into cube size.

2. Day 1. Put all ingredients and cover with the lid, shake the container and let them mix well, put in a shady place ( I place inside kitchen cabinet).

3. Day 2- Day 6. Shake and open the container at least 2times a day. This is to prevent apple getting moldy and let the gas released. You can see bubbles formed and also able to hear sizzling sound.

 4. On the day 7, apple yeast water is ready to make into natural yeast. 

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