Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Natural Yeast - Sourdough Starter Using Apple Yeast Water

After the 7th day, my Apple Yeast Water is ready for use. If you have missed out on my previous post. Click here for the recipe to make your own apple yeast water to enable you to make your own Sourdough starter.  I was very happy with how my apple yeast water turned out. The sizzling sound I hear each morning when I have to open the lid to let out the gas is really soul lifting.  Joy in every aspects.  Finally , I was able to start making the sourdough starter.  Making my own sourdough starter is one way of baking and eating healthy bread and at the same time I can say goodbye to commercial yeast. I challenge I gave myself and I succeded.

Later I will show you all the bakes that I made from my own sourdough starter.  For now I shall share on how to make your own sourdough starter, recipe taken from Sonia, a lady who inspires me a lot in my cooking and baking journey.

my apple yeast water is ready...

it is important to weigh the bottle jar before
starting to measure out the flour and water

place a rubber band to mark the 1st level,
once it double the height, you can start to remove half
the starter and feed back the amount you have remove
(the total weight minus the weight of bottle divide by two)
 that is the amount to remove and feed back

the bubbly sourdough means it is active

once it has doubled, it is ready to be used
I named my sourdough SUNSHINE :)

Sourdough Starter Using Apple Yeast Water - taken from Sonia

Unbleached all purpose flour 
Apple yeast water 
Filtered water

 1. Add 50g Apple Yeast water and 50g all purpose flour into a clean jar, stir to mix well. Using a rubber band to mark the original level. Place inside kitchen cabinet and let it ferment till next day.

 2. If you see the starter has risen double. Discard half of the starter, and add equal amount 50g of apple yeast water and all purpose flour, mix well and mark the level. Let it rise till double.

 3. Repeat the same steps 3-4 times. Then you can start feed the starter with filtered water instead of apple yeast water.

 4. Continue to feed the starter, until the starter able to rise double within 4-5 hrs, that means the starter is ready to use for making sourdough or soft bread.

Name your sourdough starter - I named mine Sunshine
It is important to weight the bottle jar before starting
You can rest the starter in the fridge, feed it every 7 days.

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