Saturday, October 27, 2018

Cranberry Sourdough Bread

This is my most enjoyable bread making journey since I started my sourdough starter from scratch. Along the way, I have a few friends guiding me, local and overseas friends who are as crazy as I am in making our own sourdough bread.  Long ago , when you talk about sourdough, you think of chewy and hard crust bread but today new techniques has enabled us to have sourdough bread that is soft with open crumbs and a tad of tangy taste.  I have used my starter as natural yeast for many recipes such as pancakes, banana bread, pita bread, cheese crackers and now I have made my first sourdough bread.  Wow, I was so happy that it turned out great.  My first successful sourdough bread with lots of cranberries in it.  I tweaked it a bit by adding multi grains and wholemeal flour to the flour mixture.  It was the most delicious flavourful bread I have eaten.  It is healthy bread that everyone should be encouraged to have in their diet.

have a successful bread with open crumbs.
one needs to handle dough with gentleness :)
 and the hours of bulk fermentation is important

 I used parchment instead of using linen
brush the  parchment paper with water
before placing the dough for overnight proofing
in the fridge
(15 hours )

 scoring at an angle of 30 degree is ideal

 heat the LeCreuset pot for 30 mins at 250C
take it out and place the sourdough into pot
and baked covered 20 mins and uncovered 20 mins

 I need to adjust my oven temperature , it
was a bit burnt on the top but still looks great :)

I see ear and oven spring (sourdough terminology)

 love love the dream open crumbs
soft open crumbs and crunchy crust

hubby and I had a healthy breakfast
so yummy good !

Cranberry Sourdough Bread adapted from Trevor Jay Wilson with some changes

75% hydration
15% whole grains


264 gm bread flour
55 gm wholemeal flour + 2 tbsp of multigrains
227 gm water
100 gm cranberries
7 gm salt
100gm sourdough starter @ 100% hydration

1) mix all the flour and water just until it comes together. Do not develop gluten, let it rest 1 or 2 hours covered

2) Mixing
Add salt and sourdough starter , innoculate sourdough starter into the dough and gently pull bottom to center, gently use thumb to knead till smooth.  When dough is smooth, add cramberries to dough.

3) Stretch And Fold
Place dough in clean bowl for bulk fermentation. (5 hours)

1st S&F  - 1st hour after mixing
2nd S&F - 2nd hour after mixing
3rd S&F - 3rd hour after mixing
no S&F  for the next 2 hours

 dough reaches a 30 to 50% increase in volume

Preshape : 

Gently stretch and fold dough to release from the bowl, then shape into a boule
Bench rest -30 mins

Shaping - roll towards you

Final Proof:
Place in linen lined basket (lightly dust with rice flour if using banneton ) * I used parchment paper brush with water.

Refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours 

line preheated dutch oven with baking parchment to prevent cranberries from sticking ) sprinkle cornmeal and score with lahm ( I improvise with a razor and chopstick ) Score at 30 deg angle at a fast speed. Do not cut too deep .

Bake at 450F (232C) for 20 mins covered then rotate and bake uncovered for 20-30 mins . Let it cool for 2 hours or completely cool before slicing.

I love my sourdough bread and will be making more as the saying goes
practice makes perfect

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