Monday, September 16, 2019

Sweet Potato Sesame Balls With ' Nian Gao '

I love snack time especially if I can whip up something nice for our tea break. I have some glutinous rice cake left in the freezer from last CNY. Time to use it up because I need space for other stuffs.  I googled and found Sonia's recipe which looks easy to prepare.  I bought some orange sweet potatoes from Tesco . The irony thing is we have local grown ones , yet I have to get these imported ones from Tesco , reason being I was not going to go all the way out to town market just to get a few sweet potatoes.  Anyway I followed her recipe and to my delight, it turned out great.  I managed to get 12 balls from one load of the recipe.  I weigh each dough of 18gm instead of her 15 gm. The level of sweetness is just perfect . Good one and I have to thank Sonia for her simple recipe.  Hubby and I had 6 balls each.  So yummy good ! A keeper for sure.

 bought imported orange sweet potato from Tesco

steamed the sweet potato before mashing it up 
and add glutinous rice flour and plain flour and sugar
and mix them all up into a soft dough

weigh each dough of 18 gm and fill with the
glutinous rice cake cube, roll into ball and coat 
with sesame seeds

heat up the oil and put in the sesame balls,
lower heat and deep fry till golden brown

 drain off excess oil on kitchen paper towel
and serve while still warm

Sweet Potato Sesame Balls With ' Nian Gao '  recipe from Sonia


150gm  mashed sweet potato ( orange sweet potato )
40 gm glutinous rice flour
10gm plain flour
15 gm sugar
110 gm Nian Gao or glutinous rice cake - cut into small cubes

For coating:
4 tbsp sesame seeds
1/2 tsp glutinous rice flour

1. Mashed the sweet potato after steaming while still hot. Add in glutious rice flour, plain flour and sugar and mix to a soft and smooth dough.

2. Take a small piece of dough ( about 18 gm )  place a piece of ' nian gao' cube , wrap and shape into round ball.

3. Mix sesame seeds and glutinous rice in a small jbowl, dip sweet potato ball in water immediately coat with the sesame seeds.

4. Deep fry in hot oil over low heat till golden brown. Drain on paper towel and serve warm.